Progress: Re-creatie Reinaerde Residency

February 14, 2021:


I am currently part way through my Artist-In-Residence in the 'Re-Creatie' program in Woudenberg, The Netherlands. This program brings together the areas of art, social design and reuse in the unique context of the care organisation Reinaerde.

Over the past weeks my collaborator, Anne Fehres, and I have been researching, sound recording and interacting with the community here (as much as is possible during COVID-19 restrictions). 

Over the coming weeks we will be writing and recording our 'interviews', which will be the basis for our project 'Talk To Me' - to be presented at the end of March 2021.

You can follow along more closely to the project on the Facebook page below.


Selection for Re-creatie Reinaerde 2021

January 6, 2021:


From January to March 2021 I will be working with Anne Fehres on a new edition of our project 'Talk To Me'. This new edition will occur as part of our selection for the Artist-In-Residence 'Re-Creatie' program in Woudenberg, The Netherlands. This program brings together the areas of art, social design and reuse in the unique context of the care organisation Reinaerde.


Our goal in this new edition of the project is to make new connections between this organisation where people with a (severe) mental and physical disability live, and the (recreational) environment around them. As much use as possible will be made of residual materials from the organization and the surroundings. In this way, care for people and material come together in one place: physical and social repair. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be various challenges and restrictions along the way, however we are very excited to dive in to this new edition of our project in this context.

Newspaper Release!

December 1, 2020:


The News From Home newspaper has arrived. This 16 page newspaper features 52 stories and accompanying collages from the first six locations of this project. After working away digitally on the newspaper for months and the @news_from_home project for over two years, we have just received the final prints in the mail. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy, they will be on their journey to you soon!

BARCELONA - For 'Sounds of our Cities' Project

November 04, 2020

Alongside artist Anne Fehres, I am currently undertaking a residency in Barcelona as part of the SOUNDS OF OUR CITIES project. This is a European project of cultural cooperation based upon research and the transfer of knowledge among the spheres of art, technology and social space. It is led by the City of Roeselare, Idensitat, Dear Hunter and Aalborg Universitet.

The objective is to activate sound art ideas in order to create a story that, from contemporary reality, deals with the concept of "silenced spaces". Taking recall and memory as its point of departure, the project aims to offer a fictional landscape upon which to project various realities, while opening up debate upon current issues.

We will be working on our project 'News From Home' during the residency - capturing various sounds from the local community of Sant Andreu (Barcelona). We will develop an exhibition of our work from this period, to be displayed next year.


September 18, 2020:

Today is the opening of 'TASMAN' and exhibition by myself and collaborator Anne Fehres. The works are created out of a variety of eclectic resources from 90s pop culture, internet iconography, stock photography, historical archives and personal images. Each piece in the exhibition consists of hundreds of individual images that have been digitally brought together and later added to with a variety of manual techniques. What emerges from this approach, is a mythology that is full of contradictions and new interpretations, where Abel Tasman remains just as unknowable as ever.

Talk To Me - Project Opening on Pampus Island, The Netherlands

August 16, 2020:

Over the weekend Anne Fehres and I opened our latest project 'Talk To Me' as part of the exhibition for Het Klimaatmuseum on Fort Island Pampus in The Netherlands.

‘Talk To Me’, is a humorous and thoughtful sound project which aims to explore the possibility for Human communication with the ‘Other Than Human’. It does so through the creation of various absurdist, fictional dialogues with objects/entities.

For the exhibition on Pampus Island we created fictional dialogues with three natural objects on the island - a tree, stone and grass blade. The interactive sound installation takes the audience on a journey through each object's life. The story of each object offers an examination of the human condition, ultimately touching on the basic things that make us who we are and encourage a greater imagination towards the earthly objects all around us.

The audio from this exhibition can be found below.

Talk To Me - Opening 15th August, Pampus Island, The Netherlands

August 09, 2020

Over the past weeks, I, alongside my collaborator Anne Fehres, have been working on an audio project titled 'Talk To Me' for Het Klimaatmuseum. This project will be opened on Pampus Island, in The Netherlands in the coming week. 'Talk To Me' presents three fictional conversations with objects on this island. Through listening and actively engaging with the conversations presented, this project aims to encourage new perspectives and help build a greater consideration of the natural world around us.

Selection for ARE Holland Residency Program

August 07, 2020

During July, August and September I will be working at Artist Residency Enschede (ARE), working on a variety of new textile works. These works will be based on Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer who was the first European to set foot on Tasmania. The results of the residency will be exhibited in the gallery 'Concordia', in Enschede at the end of the residency period.


July 22, 2020

In August, a new project titled 'Talk To Me' will be exhibited on the Pampus, an island off Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Talk To Me is a sound installation that gives nature on Pampus a voice. What does a tree, stone or blade of grass have to say? Absurd sounds and fictional dialogues make us think about a different, more sustainable world

I am in a short documentary talking about my project Solidarity Sky

June 16, 2020

I was recently part of a short documentary where alongside my co-creator Anne Fehres I talked about one of my lastest project - Solidarity Sky. In the clip I talk about the inspiration for this project , how it came about and also what I hope to achieve with it.

New Textile Works - Thanks to Arts Tasmania Funding

June 08, 2020

With assisstance from Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts, I have been able to purchase a variety of textile materials to experiment with. This was as part of The Vita Brown Bequest Bursary.


I have been really pleased with the new forms that are starting to appear and the new directions this is pushing my practice. I have been
particularly focusing on experiments with the Japanese practice of ‘boro’. Boro, meaning 'tattered', is the practice of repairing clothes/futons by sewing small pieces of scrap fabric over holes. The results of this experiments will be seen soon!

News From Home - Pardubice

June 01, 2020

The seventh edition of ‘News From Home’ has just been completed. It took place in Pardubice in The Czech Republic, during May 2020.

During this period we travelled to this community virtually, creating works based on Pardubice as seen through ‘online spaces’. This postcard records this exploration, showing four scenes captured by the artists during a tour of the town through Google Earth.

This work raises the question: is a postcard created without ever visiting a place any less authentic than one created there but only showing it’s idyllic side? It is questions such as this that capture the aim of this project, to encourage alternative stories and representations of communities.

The four main works from the residency will be released in the coming days.

NEW PROJECT - Solidarity Sky

May 31, 2020

I was able to secure funding from Stroom Den Haag (The Netherlands) this month, to help support the online project Solidarity Sky. Created in collaboration with Dutch artist Anne Fehres, this is a virtual community driven artwork with the aim of bringing people together through sharing personal images of the sky. On the website, users are invited to become the artist in this project, contributing their own ‘piece of sky’ that will join a larger ‘virtual sky’ made up of thousands of images from across the world.

This project is inspired by Anne Frank who, while in hiding from prosecution at the age of 13, wrote in her diary: I looked out of the open window...over all the roofs and on to the horizon, which was such a pale blue that it was hard to see the dividing line. "As long as this exists" I thought, "and I may live to see it, this sunshine, the cloudless skies, while this lasts, I cannot be unhappy"

What she captures in this quote is the power of the sky, despite circumstances, to hold our hopes, dreams and desires. Solidarity Sky aims to build on this sentiment. It intends to encourage creative participation, unite people across real and imagined borders and foster hope through shared visions of something we all hold common – the sky above our heads

Exhibition Opening - News From Home in Russia

December 24, 2019

On the 24th of December, 2019 I was in Russia to open the exhibition 'News From Home' Petrozavodsk. This project was the work of myself and Anne Fehres (The Netherlands) and consisted of 16 collages and 38 photographs. As part of the opening there was a postcard exchange organised as part of our the project. Forty four locals from Petrozavodsk wrote a message on a postcard designed for this project. These postcards will be sent to to people in 18 different countries around the world including Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Finland, Spain, Philippines, India, The Netherlands, Russia, U.S.A, Canada and Indonesia.

Iceland Group Show - ICEFOLD

November 29, 2019

We have enjoyed our time in Iceland over the past month and it was great to be part of the group show at the SIM Residency Gallery. We decided to show a 'video postcard', which was a new way to experiment with our works. In the future we hope to continue working with the ideas and images we have captured in Iceland, to create prints and postcards.

Participation in BYOB Festival, Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht

October 05, 2019:

Last week I participated in the Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Festival in the Netherlands. The festival took place in NicolaiKerk in Utrecht, and involved over 30 individual artists all using moving imagery in some way. During the festival I showed a portion of my previous project 'Phantasm'. This work can be seen on the bottom right of the image, with the church and other pieces in the background. Read more about the festival here: 

Open Studio

September 21, 2019:

On the 19th of September we held an open studio and artist talk at the Viborg Kunsthal in Denmark. We were really happy with the turn out and recieved some positive comments as well as ideas for our future projects. Our project 'News From Home' is all about the community, so it was great to have so many people connect with our work.

We're on Russian TV!

July 31, 2019:

Myself and collaborator Anne Fehres held an Artist Talk about our project News from Home at the медиа-центр vыход/ media center vykhod in Petrozavodsk. We had a greataudience and a Russian television station came to film the presentation. This presentation was a good closure for our stay at the Karelian Art Residence. We are leaving with more experiences, lots of stories and we are looking forward to come back for our exhibition in December. 

Russian Residency

July 16, 2019:

This month I am in Petrozavodsk, Russia, working on my project News From Home. I will spend the month here researching and taking images, before returning here with the finished pieces in late December. I will have a show at Media Center Vykhod in Petrozavodsk, opening on December 24, 2019. More details to come.


May 29, 2019:

I have an opening coming up very soon in Berlin, for a project called PHANTASM. See the details below.


WHEN: Friday 31st May at 7 PM – 10 PM 

WHERE: Hosek Contemporary MS Heimatland / Fisherinsel, 10179 Berlin,

Phantasm is a video art project presenting various surreal scenes that explore the notions of ‘nature’ and ‘the natural’. The audiovisual installation involves multiple video projections in the main exhibition space of Hosek Contemporary, an old cargo boat floating on the River Spree. 

Artist Residency at Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Today I start an artist residency at Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin, Wedding. I have started an Instagram page where you can follow my progress in this residency, in the project called 'News From Home'. It's cold so far, but such a creative city to get inspired by.

Selection in Tasmanian Portraiture Prize

This exhibition will tour three cities in Tasmania. The entry that I had selected can now be found on my main page - 'The Family Photo'. If you are in Tasmania, I hope you can go and check it out!