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This is the first presentation of the ongoing documentary project 'News from Home'. The paper presents 52 stories and accompanying art works from this project, sourced from the six countries in which it has been undertaken.

In this publication you can explore the many meaningful yet often overlooked or omitted stories of these communities. These stories range from the universal to the particular, the beautiful to the bizarre. 

The aim of this publication is to provide a platform for greater recognition of these largely untold community stories. Through sharing, we hope they gain a wider audience, who can appreciate the lives of those elsewhere, while also allowing it to inspire a reflection of one's own community.

The reason for printing as a newspapers, is a deliberate ‘nod’ to the project’s focus on the community. Rather than presenting a delicate, hard-cover 'art book', we believe the newspaper is a more familiar and accessible way to access local stories. As such, it is our aim to present community stories and contemporary art in the newspaper form, where it can be read, appreciated and perhaps even used to start a fire later in it's life.

•    Edition: 100 Copies
•    Pages: 16
•    Language: English
•    Material: 55gsm paper, digital colour print
•    Publisher:
•    Weight: 50g

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