Luke Conroy (1990) is from Devonport, Tasmania. In 2012 he completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Journalism, Media and Communications, and Fine Arts.

In 2013 he completed postgraduate studies of Honours in Sociology at the University of Tasmania. The research topic for this thesis centered upon the recently open MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art), and its impact upon Tasmania. Titled: Exploring A Mona Effect: Experiences And Impacts From The Ritual Space Of A Music And Arts Festival, it paid particular attention to the arts festival Dark Mofo.

In 2014 he completed a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Fine Arts. Since 2015 he has been employed at a local Tasmanian college, teaching Photography, Art, Graphic Design and Media Production. In 2019, Luke took leave from his teaching job to pursue various art projects and residency opportunities in Europe.

Currently his creative practice centers upon digital video, digital and analogue photography. His most recent works are interested in considerations of place, and how it can inform identity and influence communities of people.
Growing up in a small rural Australian town, has meant he often turns the gaze on himself and utilises self-portraiture to consider his own value and role within a community.  From this position he then turns his gaze to others, within his own community and the greater world beyond, creating work that considers others but at the same time remain self referential. 
He is currently expanding his ideas and practice through pursuing video and film works. This interest is centred upon producing static compositions reminiscent of photography while utilising the expectation of time that video evokes. As such he hopes to create hybrid moving photographs that alter perceptions of time for the viewer.

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Tasmania, Australia