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I stumbled upon this abandoned trolley one night while walking. Standing in the rain on the cold beach I admired its metallic form. Only the sound of crashing waves revealed the ocean sitting in the black abyss behind it. I wondered how it got there and how it would leave.

I left it there.

I enjoyed all the things this small metallic monument on this liminal coastal space stood for. It was a transitory and unintentional vanitas. It induced dreams of ‘elsewhere’ beyond the coastal boundary of my small town, which soon returned to considerations of myself and present context.

A few days later I revisited the beach and the trolley was gone. I wasn’t sure anyone else had seen it, but it stayed with me. This video re-imagines and reinterprets this scene, adding various visual layers which speak to the personal narratives that this trolley on the shoreline evoked.

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