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MAY 2020

The seventh location for 'News From Home' is in Pardubice, Czech Republic, where we will explore the meaningful yet often overlooked and omitted stories of the community. In our previous editions of this project, these stories have been explored ‘in-person’ in a particular city. In the current climate of "switched off cities" however, in the Pardubice edition of News From Home we will complete this project in ‘virtual space’.
The conceptual basis of 'News From Home' is a consideration of a simple object - the postcard. We are interested in how the postcard, through its glossy, saturated images offer a window to a place that is not altogether truthful - it is a constructed reality. The aim of our project therefore, is to explore the idea of this ‘constructed reality’ further, to create a series of postcards for the city of Pardubice, without ever actually visiting this area.
This project was part of a ‘virtual residency’ where we explored the city of Pardubice from afar, through the virtual space of the internet. In this exploration we collected a vast amount of images/ideas – from locations such as blogs, social media users from Pardubice and Google Earth – and used these as the basis for our art works. The outcome was series of 4 animated postcards from the city, presented online. These postcards are digital collage pieces, made of up of hundreds of resources sourced online. A testament to a place we have only experienced from afar.

Below you can click on each of the works to see the research text which goes with them.
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