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Full version coming 2019

This documentary is a study in to this place I call home. Through vision and personal narration it builds a reflection upon what this place has meant in the past, what it means now and what it might mean in the future.​


2018: I am still living in the place that I was born. It’s a fact that I am quick to add assertions to. I haven’t lived here my whole life I tell people. It’s just that I have returned now. After finishing school here, I lived for three months interstate. It was only for a seasonal job on the mainland, returning after three months, but those specifics don’t take away from the fact -  I did move away once.

During my school here. I remember distinctly, perfecting the art of curbing ambition and intellectual pride. It was within this I grew an internal dialogue, where thoughts of leaving this place and outgrowing this façade of ignorance reigned. It was at this time that Lonely Planet described my town as “a sedentary mildly menacing place where speeding rednecks yell (expletive) at unsuspecting pedestrians, and the McDonald's drive-thru is the place to be on a Saturday night.… [a place where] locals line the riverbanks to watch, wave and hope that something bright, special and glamorous from the Australian mainland might stay here to cultivate and grow”. It didn’t make the top destinations list that year.

I did want to leave. And being someone who finished college with enough credit to go to university and someone who had at least turned up to class with some ambition, meant it was expected that I would. And so I did. I went interstate and then to the capital. For seven years.

And now in the present, having recently returned, I reflect on this place with equal parts nostalgia and resentment.