Luke Conroy is a visual artist and designer from Tasmania, Australia. He was educated in Media, Fine Arts and Sociology at the University of Tasmania, Australia. He currently works across a variety of art mediums in commercial and non-profit projects.


His current focus is on the creation of digital photo collages - both still and animated. These collages are made of between 50-200 original and archival images. These images come together to create surreal fictionalised scenes that communicate non-fictional current and historical social issues. Each of the scenes are carefully planned to be visually interesting and playful, while also being responsive to research and analysis of the subject area.


New works in this style can now be commissioned as promotional material and to accompany text-based articles. They will provide your audience with high quality and visually stimulating imagery, that stands apart from typical purely representational photography. Luke will include any images of your choosing, alongside his original and sourced images, to create one of a kind pieces.

Please view a sample of the works below and contact me here to start a commission. You can view my full website here.