This work explores the story of Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer to who accidently 'discovered' Tasmania in 1642. We say 'discovered' because while he was the first European to see this land, Australian Aboriginals had been living here for thousands of years prior to this.
Upon his 'discovery', he wrote a few pages in his journal, sent one of his men to shore to plant a flag and then was blown out to sea, to never to set foot there. Later this piece of land would be named in his honour, among many others associated places and objects -a mountain, a caravan park, a glacier, a bridge, a sea and a ship.
This work is an exploration of the story of Abel Tasman. It was produced by myself, a Tasmanian, in collaboration with the Dutch artist Anne Fehres. The work measures 150cm x 100cm and is printed on fabric (see installation shots below).

Installation View

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts